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Recycled Cement Sacks Make Unique Laptop Sleeves and Bags

Discovered the story of Margot Lieftinck, owner of Tulsi Crafts, and the unique laptop sleeves and bags she crates together with artisan woman in Bangladesh. Thanks to Tulsi Crafts work and training opportunities are created for those underprivileged women. Learn more about these inspiring goods!

It's a great idea that you recycle cement sacks these unique laptop sleeves and bags. Where do you find cement sacks like this?

The cement sacks are found and bought on the markets of Dhaka, Bangladesh. They are collected by inhabitants of Dhaka who bring them to the markets and sell them. We work together with a fair trade women's cooperative in Dhaka, they buy the cement sacks and turn them into unique sleeves and handmade bags. Together with them we design the products and they take care of the production.

The Woman from Tulsi CraftsThe Woman and Bags from Tulsi Crafts

How did you come up with the idea to use cement sacks?

In Bangladesh old cement sacks are used for many things. While travelling around we saw them being used as shopping bags and plants bags, see some of the attached photos. That inspired us to think of useful purposes for these sacks in Western countries. That's how we came up with the phone, tablet and laptop sleeves. We also sell shopping bags, shoulder bags and plant bags that are made from the recycled cement sacks.

Cement Sacks Recycled as Plant Bags

How do you design the patterns on the sleeves and bags?

These patterns are already on the cement sacks. If you look closely you can see texts in English and Bengali that explains how to mix the cement for its different uses.

Is there another unique material that you turn in to amazing products?

We also make lots of handmade goods from vintage saris, that's something we'd like to develop further. At the moment we sell blankets and scarves made with layers of sari fabric stitched together with a running stitch. This type of Bengali embroidery is called kantha. We're now thinking about different products made by using this technique. We're always open to inspiring suggestions and ideas!

Unique Sleeves form Recycled Cement Sacks Handmade Bag form Recycled Cement Sacks

Sleeves for Phone - $12.48, Tablet - $14.75 and Laptop - $22.69 and Tote Bag - $28.47

Did you find Margot’s story inspiring? What is your favorite? You can find all the unique recycled sleeves and bags in the Discovered shop of Tulsi Crafts!

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