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ForHer- Claartje Schröder

On today’s blog we chose to follow the daily activities of a blogger/communication expert, Claartje Schröder. Claartje is the founder of the blog called 'Foodness' and she has been blogging for one and a half year. We are personally inspired by what she is doing and what she believes to make the world a better place. So, we interviewed her to get to know her better and to share it with you. Curious? Read on. Hi Claartje, so tell me how your daily routine looks like as a blogger ? I usually start my day by drinking green smoothie and a cup of tea to relax myself. Also, I like to do yoga poses to warm up before start working for my blog. Sometimes I have meetings till late afternoon so I go quickly to the market to buy fresh vegetables and fruits for my lunch. Although I am mostly busy, I will go for a run if I have free time because I love running. After running, I go to specific stores to create my own recipes for my blog (and of course not to forget the best part is to eat it :D ). And finally, I close off my evening with doing some yoga poses, watching my favorite series or just to chill with my friends. What do you consider as your simple happiness ? That is a hard question, but doing things that simply makes you happy and feeling good about yourself is what I consider as my happiness in general. I love food and food makes you feel good in physical ways. For my inner happiness, I consider doing small things such as buying products that I know have a good impact for the rest of the world. Just by purchasing these things I feel that I change the world to a better place. Therefore, I actually really like what Discovered is doing. Can you tell us more what about Discovered do you like specifically? I personally believe in making choices that are good for the entire world, that is transparent and of course the fairer trade. I just support that Discovered is helping people by supporting the artisans and these little things make me happy. Do you have one specific item that you like from Discovered? I personally really like this bag that I am wearing because it gives me a festival feeling since it’s almost summer time. Thank you Claartje for your time! And we hope this story will inspire you as much as we are inspired by her. On this blog Claartje is wearing: Bangle: from Umiwi. Bag: from Women of Faith. Sling bag: from Maritjee store. Scarf: from Ayusewing Project. Wallet: from Mesimu Chiang Mai. With love, Tamara
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