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Authentic Artisan Goods from Thailand - Mangkud Handmade

We admit it, while enjoying a fresh juice on a sunny terrace this weekend, we skimmed through travel guides just to get that holiday feeling. One of our absolute favorite guides is the one from Thailand. Reading about their rich culture, the things we can do and beautiful products they make, gives us our daily shoot of holiday vitamins!

Luckily, there are some artisans from Thailand on our Discovered marketplace, so we can buy those amazing items without taking an airplane ;). One of those Thai artisans is Mangkud Handmade. Let’s take a closer look into the world of Mangkud Handmade and get inspired.

What is Mangkud Handmade?

We are a group or artisans from Thailand. We make several kinds of handcrafted good, like bags, accessories and handmade jewelry. We change lives of both makers and buyers, through the design and creation of beautiful and authentic handmade bags and other goods.

What is the story behind Mangkud Handmade?

“Mangkud” is the Thai word for “Mangosteen”: a purple fruit found in the tropics, that is loved by different tribes in many parts of the world. We chose this name for its exotic, delicious and nutritious properties, which we believe so closely, resembles our products and our work.

Mangkud Handmade Artisans

How do you design and create your goods?

There are two methods. Fist or all, we design most of our products ourselves. After designing the goods, we train our team of artisans to make them. Once they acquire the necessary skills and capital, we make more and sell het handmade goods.

We find local artisans that make unique handmade products. We work with them to refine their designs and sell them on the Thai and global market. We work directly with artisans from Kathmandu in Nepal and Chiang Mai in Thailand.

What is the impact of Mangkud Handmade on local artisans?

Becaus of Mangkud Handmade, local artisans are able to work and collaborate in groups, refine their designs and sell them in the market. As most of our artisans are women, they are also able to work from home, while tending to household needs and child-rearing. This boosts their economic potential and provides them with more opportunities, while doing what they love.

What kind of goods do you make and why?

All of our goods are authentically designed and handmade by artisans. We make them because we love it! We love to bring smiles to our customers and artisans, as we make a direct positive impact on the lives of underprivileged groups of which most are women. We use natural and unique materials, like tribal cotton fabric, beads and wood. Most of our raw materials are made by the people of the Hill Tribe in the northern mountains of Thailand.

Hand Embroidered Tribal Tote - $18

2 Happy Elephants - $17

What challenges do you face?

The biggest challenge is making artisans understand how meaningful their work is and how it can literally change their lives. Once they see that their work is bringing them a sustainable income and appreciation from many people, they are inspired to carry on their work.

What is your dream?

Design, create and sell some of the most beautiful handmade products and positively change the lives of the underprivileged. In the next few years, we see our company as a vibrant, collaborative team that inspires and creates some of the most beautiful goods while positively changing lives.

How do you think Discovered can help you realize your dreams?

As Discovered’s model is built around the core idea of supporting artisans in making unique handmade goods, we hope to create meaningful relationships with our customers through the Discovered marketplace.

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