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Handmade bags with a purpose by What Daisy Did

Maybe you already discovered those brown and colorful leather bags that are designed and crafted by What Daisy Did. The two unique collections of this artisan can be characterized by their timeless styles, functionality and beautiful designs. With these collections What Daisy Did wants to raise her fist against fast fashion and prove that sustainable bags can be amazing!

The handmade bags of What Daisy Did

With their designs, the founders of What Daisy Did, Daisy and Ozric, aim to tackle waste and poverty. The bags are crafted using natural and waste materials, like organic leather and recycled cotton. In addition, the bags are handmade by Indian artisans who lost their jobs as shoemakers, due to the trade shift to China. By providing work and a sustainable income for those Indian artisans, What Daisy Did empowers the workers to take care of themselves and their families.

Handmade Messenger Bag Sadie SatchelHandcrafted Handbag Hornbeam Holdall

Handmade Messenger Bag: Sadie Satchel - $53.18 and Handcrafted Handbag: Hornbeam Holdall - $129.15

What Daisy Did designed more!

It’s hard to resist buying those amazing handmade bags and now it becomes even harder, since What Daisy Did launched a new collection: The Wayfarer Collection.

Because the bags of the The Wayfarer Collection are crafted in the UK, they are unfortunately not sold on Discovered. Nevertheless, we believe this is a very inspiring project, of which we would love to tell you more!

Discover the cool bags of the Wayfarer Collection

The handmade bags of ‘The Wayfarer Collection’ are made in the UK from high grade ex-military materials. The use of locally sourced and recycled materials makes that the creation of these unique bags has a very small carbon footprint. The makers even managed to source the zips from the last remaining zip factory in the UK!

What Daisy Did Tallinn Travel Bag What Daisy Did Budapest Backpack

Daisy explains: “one of the aims of this collection was to create the strongest bags possible and we’re very proud that we managed to realize this!” Each and every design detail reflects this aim: there are no seams in areas of strain, large compartments are double lined and every seam edge is concealed. In addition, the strongest available thread has been used and the straps are heat sealed to prevent fraying.

To create the bags, What Daisy Did teamed up with The Northampton Hope Centre, a local homeless charity in Northampton. Together they are piloting a scheme to offer employment to vulnerable and homeless people. This project will allow for a liaison officer to support each candidate's' transition into the role. In addition, £1 from each bag sale will also be donated to the Hope Centre.

Altogether, the handmade bags of the The Wayfarer Collection are truly unique. As they crafted of recycled materials and by homeless people from the UK, each bag will have its own character that reflects the story behind the materials and the makers. By buying a Wayfarer Bag of What Daisy Did, you'll become part of this unique story yourself!

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