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We are hiring!


Vacancy Storyteller    

Storyteller, Social Media & SEO Specialist

Wil je graag de wereld een stukje beter maken en iets bijzonders neerzetten? Dan is Discovered iets voor jou! Op dit moment zijn we op zoek naar een Discovered Storyteller. Als Storyteller weet je precies hoe je het verhaal van Discovered vertelt op onze site en in onze eigen social media kanalen. Daarnaast ben je ook in staat om anderen (bloggers en influencers) over ons te laten praten. Natuurlijk zorg je er ook voor dat alle content SEO proof is. Je bent in staat mensen te inspireren met ons verhaal en maakt mensen enthousiast om Discovered ambassadeurs te worden.

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Internship Graphic Design    

Customer Happiness

You are positive and have a talent to think in opportunities. For you it’s clear that customer happiness is core to the success of Discovered. As Customer Happiness Intern you’re able to make customers happy and let them be part of our community. You do this by listening to their questions and feedback and translate this into action. You are creative, coming up with innovative solutions. In addition, you’re organized, keeping track of all orders. You know all the ins and outs of the Discovered marketplace./p>

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Internship Graphic Design    

Graphic Design

As a graphic design intern you have a talent to translate a great story into an awesome visuals. With your creativity and eye for detail you change lives by making amazing designs, both for online and offline. You are innovative in finding good pictures and other materials to work with and are open to ask the help of our artisans, customers or other people in our Discovered community. Thanks to you, discovered is unique in it’s appearance!

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Internship Marketplace Management    

Marketplace Management & Content Creation

You have an eye for great products and a talent to make the marketplace look amazing. You spot the latest trends, select appropriate products and make sure the product content is top notch. In addition, you know how to tell our story and the story of our artisans. You like writing and find great visual content to strengthen your story. Overall, you know how a marketplace should look like and how you can make it as user-friendly as possible.

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Internship SEO & Content Creation    

SEO & Content Creation

As a SEO intern you have the talent to create content that will increase the visibility of Discovered online. You know exactly how to tell our story and the story of the Discovered artisans and how to answer our customer’s questions. With your sharp pen, understanding of our target group and tons of creativity you create great SEO content. Also, you like to analyze the data, define improvements and make Discovered even more visible online!

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Internship Social Media    

Social Media

As a social media intern you have a talent to create amazing content that will inspire people. You love to share the stories of the Discovered artisans with the rest of the world, and you know how to get people involved and how to let them share our stories. Through your approach, you’re able to let our Discovered community grow!

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