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Handmade goods from Vietnam

Vietnam: rich in it’s culture and crafts

Food plays a vital part in Vietnamese culture. The cuisine reflects the geography and history of the country. Differing strikingly between the north and south regions, there is something for everyone. Garnished with beautiful herbs, the meals are kept simple and fresh.

As in the food and friendly company, the culture is also represented in Vietnamese handicrafts. In fact, the city of Hanoi has 54 streets that start with the word ‘Hang’, meaning ‘Crafts’. They are famous for their textiles as well as their jewelry. These handmade goods represent traditions that have been passed down over centuries.

Hanoi has its own unique charm when it comes to handmade goods. Artisans create a wide range of handicrafts as they draw inspiration from the stunning nature of the country. In Vietnam you can find delicate jewelry made out of flowers, beautiful detailed carved wooden puppets and enticing pastel paintings.

Discover the stories behind the Vietnamese handicrafts

Through Discovered these handmade Vietnamese crafts become available on the world market. On our marketplace, you will get in touch with artisans from Vietnam and discover their stories. When you buy a beautiful Vietnamese gift for a friend, you will not only make her happy but you will also be support an artisan in Vietnam. And by embracing Vietnam’s culture we aim to prevent artisan crafts from becoming a lost art to the world. In doing this together we create a positive change.

All goods from Vietnam