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About EcoWings

The inspiring story of Ecowings 

Each and every tire has long history as it has traveled thousands of miles, passed through several seasons, gone through rocks, stones, water falls, rivers and many more, then it comes in the hands of Ecowings to develop a new product. Our team converts the waste material into a new life style accessory product. Ecowings products are not only saving our environment but also protecting our wild life.

1. Ecowings collects discarded tire tube from different sources.

2. Segregation of tire tube based on texture and surface.

3. Washing of tire tube
4. Drying under the sunlight

5. Cutting, and cleaning from inside
6. Raw material gets ready for further process of product design and manufacturing.

7. Each product is crafted carefully precisely by hand tools before stitching. Here the measurement and perfect cutting plays major role in crafting.

8. Tire tube is stitched with careful hands as per the design drawings.
9. Preparing & attaching all accessories, like zippers and clips.

10. Polishing and Tagging.

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Elzo N.

Nice, practical and sturdy

Very nice bag. Sturdy and firm. Without looking boring.

Vegan Leather Eco-friendly Messenger Bag

Christy J.