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Artisans' Favorites: Mai Solorzano

Artisans' Favorites: Mai Solorzano

Mai Solorzano is an artisan from Argentina. She makes amazing and unique jewels and all her designs are modern and full of details. And when making the jewelry she keeps nature in mind. 

Mai Solorzano

Mai was raised in a place full of craftsmen and artists. Ever since she was a little girl she loved to craft with everything she found. For example, she loved to make little necklaces with wire or plants. “I thought that everything I found was beautiful and I played with it,” says Mai. In the end she decided to study industrial design because she loves to work with her hands and to play with different materials. Therefore. she chose to begin with jewelry making.

In 2006 Mai arrived in Argentina. And with her little atelier, she keeps doing what she loves most; making unique pieces of jewels. She works in three distinct ways now and she loves them all. First of all, she teaches in modern jewelry and creativity lessons. Secondly, she makes unique pieces for contests and exhibitions. And finally, she sells her jewels in shops. Luckily, Mai opened her shop also online at Discovered. So you can get her amazing designs too.

Her inspiration

With her work, she makes an effort to portray the reality of life. Due to the fact that nature is a great inspiration for Mai she alters her jewelry and focuses on the details of nature. Besides that Mai works with her hands. This allows her to look around and to take care of the impact of her work. Fairtrade is important to Mai. Thus she tries to work as eco-friendly as possible by using recycled materials and recycling as much as she can. Most importantly she thinks that we can all work together to live in a better place.

When Mai designs her jewelry she aims to pass on feelings to create a certain bond with the user, with details or elements. She believes that this makes a better piece of jewels. All her jewelry is handmade and due to that, they tell a story.

Her favorites

When it comes to her jewels Mai doesn’t really have a favorite. Her taste always changes. “It’s like when I work on a new collection I get in love with it and that will be my favorite until I make a new one”, Mai says laughing. For example, now she likes the arandelas set of bracelet, the otto long earrings, and the sea ring.

Our favorites

We put together our favorite pieces from Mai. But she makes even more amazing jewels. So head on to our webshop if you want to see her whole collection. For Mai it’s important for someone to really like her jewelry and then buy it. Because it’s to their taste and style. Mai intends that when someone buys her jewelry they will give meaning to it. “I mean I don’t make fashion jewels just to go with the flow. I make what I really like and care about. I hope that something that means so much to me becomes important for someone else”, says Mai.

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