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Aquamarine Jewelry

Discover our Aquamarine jewelry curated selection, handmade by artisans around the world. Buy handcrafted jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets or make a unique gift to that special someone. Aquamarine has calming energies that reduce stress and quiet the mind. Birthstone for March and associated with the Throat chakra.

FAQs about Aquamarine Jewelry

How should I wear Aquamarine Jewelry?

This gemstone comes in a bright blue-green color that perfectly matches yellow and white. For some, it also combines wonderfully with Diamond. Princess Diana became famous for her Aquamarine and Diamond collections and set a trend that continues nowadays.

Is Aquamarine a lovely gift?

"How to gift jewelry?". That's a million-dollar question because these beautiful little things are very personal. However, Aquamarine's color can enhance one's eye color, making it one of the most popular stones on many jewelry websites. 

How do you assess Aquamarine Jewelry's quality?

Let's start from the basics. Every (good) jewelry store will always provide information about a gemstone's cut and origin. When it comes to Aquamarine, clarity is one of the most relevant indicators of its quality. This beautiful gemstone is almost transparent, and its blue hues seem to come straight out of the sea. Aquamarine pieces of jewelry that feature very intense blue colors but come at low prices are often heat-treated or fake.

Is Aquamarine expensive?

It depends on the color's range. Usually, the more green-blue it is, the cheaper it becomes. On the contrary, intense blue variations can have higher costs. 

How do you care for Aquamarine Jewelry?

Handcrafted jewelry is delicate and should be treated carefully. Aquamarine makes no exception, and the safest way to clean it is with warm water and soap. For the rest, make sure not to knock hard.