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Crystal Bracelets

Discover our crystal bracelets selection, made with love and positivity for healing intentions. Find gemstone bracelets in Gold and Sterling Silver and fill your day with love by wearing natural birthstones like Moonstone, Topaz, Amethyst and Labradorite, among many more. Every purchase makes a positive impact.

FAQs About Crystal Bracelets

What is a Crystal Bracelet?

Crystal bracelets offer a wide selection of crystal designs and accessories. They’re handcrafted and customized to your preferences, with gems like Blue Lace Agate and Amethyst on hand. The key differentiator of our gemstone bracelets includes intuitively designed crystal and gemstone bracelets, specially curated for a reason. Moreover, all our crystal bracelets are ethically sourced, high quality and Reiki-activated to bring light, love and healing into life.

What is the purpose of a crystal?

Crystals are minerals that hold energy. As humans, we’re made of energy and can exchange different energies when we work with these crystals. These minerals are used to improve the function of everyday objects like bracelets. Moreover, the crystals are made up of components that react with our bodies differently to balance our energetic system.

Are handcrafted Crystal Bracelets excellent gifts?

If you want to gift jewelry to your loved one or friends, handcrafted crystal bracelets are the best to go for. They’re unique, which means they’re one of a kind. Finding other people with the same kind of gemstone bracelets would be very hard. Moreover, we have a wide variety of other pieces you can match effortlessly with your crystal bracelets.

How do you clean your handmade Crystal Bracelets?

It’s obvious that your bracelet will need cleaning after wearing them for a while. You can store them in a soft pouch and padded box if you're not wearing them. This will protect them from coming into contact with hard items. The crystal bracelet must be cleaned regularly, using either light or thorough cleaning.

With light cleaning, you can polish it to remove dirt and dust to maintain that gleaming, shiny surface. You can use a soft, lint-free cloth to clean the bracelet. Thorough cleaning, on the other hand, will require a soft bristle brush and soapy water. Bear in mind that you’ll use a tiny bit of soap. Clean in a delicate circular motion, then rinse thoroughly to remove the soap.

Can you wear your handmade Crystal Bracelets continuously without taking it off?

According to Marina Peredo, a dermatologist in New York, it’s okay to wear your crystal bracelet continuously without removing it as long as you clean them and don’t irritate your skin. However, there’s the potential that you’ll damage your gemstone bracelets too quickly when you wear them without taking them off.

You can sleep and shower with them on; the only problem is that some metals added to the bracelet, like nickel, can irritate your skin. It’s, therefore, imperative to always remove your crystal bracelet before you turn to bed to avoid inconvenience.

Why buy handcrafted Crystal Bracelets?

Unlike machine-made jewelry, handmade pieces of jewelry like crystal bracelets are original pieces. Every time you buy a handmade bracelet from our online jewelry store, you get original pieces specially curated to be unique. They are one of a kind, meaning; you’ll never find someone else with the same piece.

Moreover, you patronize small businesses when you buy bracelets from us. With every purchase, you support an upcoming artisan in emerging countries. Furthermore, the bracelet jewelry has sentimental value to the artisan, giver, and receiver alike, becoming a lifetime treasured item.

You can buy gemstone bracelets as gifts for your loved ones or yourself. They’re the perfect magic item you can give as it oozes sentimental value. Plus, the handcrafted bracelet is unique in nature, a reason to get them for you and your loved ones.