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Filigree Jewelry

Buy Filigree Jewelry and add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. These delicate, intricate, handcrafted creations will bring out and enhance beauty while adding sophistication and intrigue. Filigree Jewelries aren’t merely accessories, they are an art form that will make a bold statement. Every purchase supports an artisan in an emerging country.

FAQs about Filigree Jewelry

1. What is Filigree?

Filigree is a technique of manipulating strips of metal into intricate designs. This practice is steeped in history, dating back thousands of years. It has given a unique flare to jewelry all over the world. The materials used in this art form of jewelry making include brass, copper, silver, stainless steel, gold and more, as you’ll discover when you shop at our jewelry store.

2. What is Filigree Jewelry then?

Filigree jewelry are unique, specially and carefully handcrafted pieces. They are among the best jewelry to buy for that special someone as a gift or as a treat for yourself. Our jewelry store provides a variety of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and many more accessories to choose from. You’ll discover a wide selection of designs, materials, gemstones, and sizes to suit your specific needs.

3. How is Filigree Jewelry made?

The method of creating filigree jewelry requires expert technique. These accessories are always ethically crafted by skilled artisans. Our online store connects you with gifted craftsmen on a global level as we provide products from creators from many countries. When you shop with us, you not only purchase the best jewelry, but you will also find pieces of value and culture.

4. Does Filigree Jewelry tarnish?

Yes, filigree jewelry tarnishes if not properly taken care of. These handmade pieces have an air of antiquity, which is what makes them incredibly unique and delicate.

There are ways to keep your filigree jewelry looking brand new and shiny for years. It’s important to avoid doing too much rough work while wearing them. Avoid exposing the pieces to harsh chemicals (for example, chlorine) and salt water. It’s recommended to remove rings when doing household tasks like cleaning, and when showering to avoid build up from soap.

Storing your jeweler in a safe place is also a tarnishing-preventative measure.

5. How do you clean Filigree Jewelry?

Filigree jewelry typically has intricate designs and will require some maintenance. Like all jewelry, daily use and being exposed to elements will result in pieces eventually losing shine.

You can visit a jeweler occasionally to have your jewelry checked and clean, especially with softer gems like emerald. However, if you can’t make it to a professional, cleaning your handcrafted jewelry at home is an effortless task.

Use a soft cloth to gently wipe your filigree jewelry before soaking it in warm water and mild detergent. Using a soft bristled brush (such a paintbrush) to remove dust and other particles is best. After soaking, rinse in lukewarm water and wipe again with a soft cloth. If the luster isn’t back to your satisfaction, feel free to repeat the process.