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Have you ever pictured your home covered in handmade decorations? You don’t have to pretend any longer, because you can find beautiful, unique home accessories right here at Discovered, like pillows & cushions, painted tea pots, kitchen decor, rugs, tapestries & blankets , hammocks and baskets. Each and every piece of unique home decor is hand-crafted by an immensely talented artisan in Mexico, India or one of the other Discovered countries. Some goods even have been crafted for you specifically upon placing your order. Handmade home decor is an excellent gift to give to yourself or to the ones that you love.

Handmade home decor with a story

Looking for boho home decor or artfully crafted centerpieces? Discovered is the right place to be, because we have quite the line of products for you to view. Each of the handmade decorations you see does have a unique story and is made from special materials found in the area it is created. There are no exceptions. These products keep local artisans employed and offer you, the customer, a unique opportunity to learn about the culture, materials and story that accompany each piece of artwork.

Discovered works with talented artisans around the world

Discovered is a company dedicated to providing customers with quality artwork made by talented artisans from around the world. This goes much further than the handmade home decor specified on this page. You can find all kinds of handmade goods in our marketplace. The aim of Discovered is to give artisans the possibility to earn a fair income. At the same time we help them to spread awareness and cultural appreciation for the excellent artwork that they craft.

Discovered. Shop your home decor here and know that you support global artisans.

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