How your purchase makes a difference



We stand for fairer trade. Selling through Discovered creates more income for artisans.


We care about our artisan’s welfare & working conditions. Discovered only partners with organizations that ensure a living wage.


We value tradition. Discovered encourages artisans to use tranditional crafts & techniques in their products.


We feel strongly about preserving the world we live in. Discovered stimulates the use of local, natural, and sustainable materials in products & packaging.

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Discover unique home decor

Have you ever pictured your house covered in unique home decor pieces? You don't have to pretend any longer because you can find beautiful, unique home decor accessories right here at Discovered.

The artisans on Discovered create everything by hand, from pillows & cushions, painted tea pots, kitchen decor, rugs, tapestries & blankets , hammocks to baskets.

Add some color and culture to your room. Each and every piece of unique home decor is hand-crafted by an immensely talented artisan in Mexico, India, or one of the other Discovered countries.

Some goods even have been crafted for you specifically upon placing your order. Handmade home decor is an excellent gift to give to yourself or to the ones that you love.

Handmade home decor with a story

Looking for boho home decor or artfully crafted centerpieces? Discovered is the right place to be for all your unique home décor ideas because we have quite the line of products for you to view.

Each of the handmade decorations you see does have a unique story and is made from select materials found in the area it is created. There are no exceptions.

These products keep local artisans employed and offer you, the customer, a unique opportunity to learn about the culture, materials, and story that accompany each piece of artwork.

Discovered, the place for unique home decor accessories

We use the words unique and handmade a lot in our communications. That's because we know that each piece you buy has been handmade by a skilled artisan. That means that no unique home decor piece is the same.

Looking for something even more unique? A design that hasn't been seen yet by the world? Some artisans offer the opportunity to create a custom order. Why not contact your favorite artisan and see what you can create together!

Browse Discovered for unique home decor ideas

Just looking for some inspiration to upgrade that dull kitchen, add a splash of color to your sofa, find a boho tapestry to hang on your wall as an eye catcher?

Find your unique home decor pieces on Discovered. The artisans selling on our website have something unique for everyone.

No matter which room in the house your looking inspiration for, browse our website and you'll be guaranteed to get some fun ideas to upgrade your house with unique home decor.

Unique home decor pieces with the right kind of impact

Discovered is a company dedicated to providing customers with quality artwork made by gifted artisans from around the world. This goes much further than the handmade home decor specified on this page.

You can find all kinds of handmade goods in our marketplace from unique kitchen decor to handmade jewelry.

The aim of Discovered is to give artisans the possibility to earn a fair income. We want them to get the most out of the unique home decor and other handmade goods they create especially for you. At the same time, we help them to spread awareness and cultural appreciation for the excellent artwork that they craft.

Shop your unique home decor here and know that you support global artisans.