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The Jewelry Blogs Directory

We decided to gather a selection of the best jewelry blogs and put it into a blog post. Regardless of our culture, religion, or tradition, these shiny, little accessories have always been used to adorn ourselves in many ways. They have become a true form of expression, hiding a world of emotions and meanings. And just like any special thing, there’s a large community out there willing to share, discover and learn.

This jewelry blogs directory is a list of resources to keep you up to date on the latest trends and tips. Hope you enjoy it!


01. Halfstead

Supporting small jewelry businesses, this is what Halfstead is all about. 

It started as a family dream when Tom and Suzie launched their small beads business in 1973. From there, they spent years reselling all kinds of jewelry supplies until what once was only a dream became a full-time job.
Their success is what gave them true purpose and from that moment they dedicated their professional lives to helping small jewelry businesses, just like they were once. 
Their blog is the perfect mirror of their mission. It is an archive of helpful articles for makers including technique tutorials, business advice, and connection to resources in our community.


02. National Jeweler

Simply, the news source for professional jewelers since 1906. 
National Jeweler’s archive comprehends topics of any kind related to the jewelry world. From analyses of emerging markets and trends to guides for new professionals, National Jeweler is the place to be if you are looking for an informative take on the business.


03. The Jewellery Editor

Is luxury your bread and butter? Do you love to show off your high-end jewelry, not only on special occasions? Then The Jewellery Editor may become your best friend. 
Based in London, this fancy blog is all about glamour, with news articles written by experts and contributors around the globe.
And if you are not fully convinced yet, keep in mind that they publish more than 20 new articles or product reviews every week. “Up to date” is the watchword. 


04. JCK

JCK’s subtitle The Industry Authority should suffice but since we know you are picky (and rightfully so) let us make up your mind.
In short, JCK’s goal is to keep the jewelry community informed and on-trend all day and every day. How? By providing readers with breaking news, in-depth content discussing new technologies and practices, industry commentary, and the latest news in design and fashion. 
And while you are at it, have a look at their Talks, a list of insightful and educational videos on the jewelry industry. You won’t regret it.


05. Ganoksin

While Ganoksin is one of the largest and most inspirational jewelry sites for educational content, what makes it unique is probably its community
After all, it is the oldest and largest jewelry-making community on the web. Over the past 20 years, 21,452 people have been active within this community, asking questions and providing answers about any kind of topic related to jewelry. Ganoksin is all about learning through interaction.


06. Metalsmith Society

Speaking of communities, we simply cannot forget Metalsmith Society. Founded by Corkie Bolton in February 2018, this Instagram community is a place where jewelers support one another by sharing knowledge
Not surprisingly, Metalsmith Society’s blog is in line with its purpose. It’s an archive of tips, tools, guides, and news about jewelry, available for everyone who has a passion for these gorgeous items.


07. The Jewelry Loupe

The Jewelry Loupe is capable of satisfying every jewelry lover’s need. However, if you are particularly fascinated by history, this is definitely the place to be. In fact, the blog features a wide range of articles discussing the origin and development of materials and crafting techniques, always told in an engaging and informative manner.
In addition, The Jewelry Loupe takes you behind the scenes of the hottest jewelry auctions and exhibits, showcasing some of the most original pieces from designers and studio jewelers.


08. Diamonds in the Library

Becky Stone, founder of Diamonds in the Library, is a professional writer/editor with a special passion for jewelry and her blog shows that, to say the least. What makes it unique is this original but perfectly balanced relationship between books and jewelry. 
In fact, besides some inspiring reviews, Becky often writes about jewelry stories and books. They often are educational and informative but rest assured: you are in for a lot of fun!


09. Gem Gossip

Talk, talk and talk, about jewelry. This is Gem Gossip’s purpose and it resonates with the endless love and passion of her founder, Danielle Miele. 
When she moved to Tennessee over 10 years ago, her calling was clear. Danielle loved to collect treasures and charming pieces, which made her start her journey in the jewelry industry.
Nowadays, her greatest satisfaction is to find a piece of jewelry that catches her educated, scrupulous eye. It drives her like nothing else out there, especially when she has the chance to explore jewelry stores across the country. Luckily for us, she also likes to write about it.


10 Flourish & Thrive

So far we have been discussing a lot of blogs that aim to help professionals operating in the jewelry industry, and Flourish & Thrive makes no exception. 
However, what distinguishes this blog from the rest of the list is that it focuses on marketing and business strategy, which are the core of any successful company. So, if you want to bring your jewelry store to the next level, you’d better have a look at their inspiring site. The next successful tip is just around the corner!


Photo Credit: Olive Tatiane

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